The NIHR Brain Injury MIC offers the opportunity for Patients, Carers and members of the Public to participate in MedTech R&D programmes.

The Unmet Needs Directory

The Brain Injury Unmet Needs Directory was developed by the NIHR Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC). It aims to illustrate some of the possible unmet needs that may exist in the brain injury patient pathway. It is the result of 5 years of unmet need identification activities including workshops, surveys and competitions. Each need and detail is a true representation of the result of the activity. However, each need is the opinion of the person who submitted it and does not reflect the opinion of the NIHR, the Brain Injury HTC or any other body and caution should be used in drawing generalisable conclusion from these. The methodology by which the need was identified is presented as well as the Brain Injury HTC that covers this need. The directory is also searchable by keyword.

Download the UNMET NEEDS DIRECTORY Brochure

Have a look at our poster to learn more about the development of the Brain Injury Unmet Needs Directory.