Introducing Cortirio – Portable brain imaging for point-of-care diagnosis of traumatic brain injury, an NIHR i4i SME Connect award 2019

Traumatic brain injury is a leading cause of death and disability. These are injuries caused when people hit their heads, for example, in road accidents, sports and falls.

To treat brain injuries effectively, clinicians need brain imaging to detect bleeding within the head. Unfortunately, current imaging equipment is expensive and not portable, so is only available in hospitals. This leads to delays to treatment and ultimately increases fatality and disability rates.

Cortirio are developing low-cost, portable brain imaging to be used at the bedside or the roadside.

The initial concept is a headband that will wrap around a patient’s head and allow clinicians to detect, image and monitor bleeding within the head.

Inputs required from patient representatives:

  • Views on the concept
  • Any concerns about the device (for clinical investigation or use)
  • Requirements for use

These inputs will take place in 3 stages over 6 months (March to September):

  1. Initial input on the concept (looking at images)
  2. Feedback (looking at a non-working mock-up of the device)
  3. Feedback (looking at the second iteration of the mockup)

DATE: Friday 10th May 2019

TIME: 1pm – 4pm (including lunch)

VENUE: Cambridge (venue to be confirmed)

If you want to be involved or have further info, please send an email to:

Please note that travel expenses will be covered by the BrainMIC.