James Piercy, Science communicator, Trainer and Public Engagement Consultant, and Honorary Lecturer in science communication developed a short online course ‘An introduction to PPI’. Having spent a number of years as the lay member of research groups and committees at almost every stage of the research cycle James now aims to put my experience to good use by sharing insights with researchers. The session lasts 2 hours and is aimed at Phd students and early career researchers new to PPI but is open to anyone with an interest.

In this short course you will:

  • ​learn the differences between co-production, collaboration and involvement

  • learn tips on finding involved members and how to get the best from them

  • See how to demonstrate your PPI strategy to funders and commissioners

PPI is a mandatory element of medical research, but how do you find lay members and get the best impact from their contribution?

Involvement is linked to but different to Public Engagement and science communication.

More information: www.thepiercy.co.uk/an-introduction-to-ppi