NIHR and partner organisations across the health research ecosystem have welcomed the publication of a bold vision for the future of clinical research delivery in the UK.

The vision sets out the ambition to create a patient-centred, pro-innovation and data-enabled clinical research environment, which empowers everyone across the health service to participate in delivering research and enables people across the country to take part in research that is of relevance to them.

This UK-wide vision has been developed with NIHR working alongside the NHS, regulators, medical research charities, life sciences industry, the UK government and devolved administrations.

The vision has five key themes which underpin the improvements that will be taken forward in the coming months and years.

  • Clinical research embedded in the NHS
  • Patient-centred research
  • Streamlined, efficient and innovative research
  • Research enabled by data and digital tools
  • A sustainable and supported research workforce

More information about this vision can be found in the news piece on the NIHR website, and the vision document itself, “The future of UK clinical research delivery”, can be found on