MedCity and Stroke Association have entered in a collaboration to deliver a new call of Collaborate to Innovate for the support of stroke patients.

As we know the long-term effects of stroke are wide-ranging, leaving many patients living with complex challenges that severely impact quality of life and ability to return to work.

The call is opening on 3rd September and applications will be invited from companies developing digital technologies, medical devices or diagnostics that address the long term health and care challenges surrounding stroke rehabilitation, and/or address the challenges of accurate diagnosis. Funding are available for projects with any of the following attributes:

  1. leads to a measurable improvement in people’s recovery and quality of life
  2. supports better delivery of care
  3. reduces the risks for follow on stroke
  4. provides support to carers
  5. improves the accuracy of diagnosis and lead to changes in practice.

More info can be found by visiting the link: