Peter SmielewskiThe Brain Physics Laboratory is pleased to announce the securing of major EU funding as part of the INTERREG Programme for its Reversible Dementia project (REVERT). This will be led by Peter Smielewski (Division of Neurosurgery, Clinical Neurosciences), the creator of a brain monitoring software ICM+, licensed by now to over 200 clinical research centres worldwide leading to creation of an international research network in intracranial dynamics.

The €3.5million project is a cross-border collaboration involving a consortium of clinicians, scientists and software specialists across three Universities, four hospitals and one healthcare informatics company across the UK and France. It aims to transform the diagnosis and management of normal pressure hydrocephalus through a combined approach of establishing a cross-border clinical network of excellence to transform the current management pathway, and the parallel development of novel diagnostic tools based on the world-leading research on intracranial dynamics of the Laboratory. The clinical side of the project will be led by Alexis Joannides, consultant neurosurgeon (Clinical Neurosciences and NIHR Brain Injury MedTech Co-operative). The project will start imminently and will complete in 2023.

Peter Smielewski said: “I am excited and humbled by this success as it is a culmination of nearly 30 years of pioneering inter-disciplinary research led by Prof Marek Czosnyka and Prof John Pickard, and of our longstanding collaborative work with the University of Jules Verne Picardie in Amiens”.

Alexis Joannides said: “The REVERT is a unique opportunity to improve the quality of life of patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus who are often misdiagnosed as other forms of dementia, thus addressing a largely unrecognised unmet clinical need”.