Congratulations to Dr Ari Ercole who has been awarded one of 17 Health Education England ‘Topol’ Digital Healthcare Fellowships.

Dr Ercole’s research has focussed on digital biomarkers and applications of statistical and machine learning to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and perioperative routinely collected data. The project, ‘Personalising high-risk perioperative care with dynamic models of clinical trajectory’, hopes to establish models to better describe and predict the impact of complications on length of hospital stay. The data will be used to create better dynamic risk predictions to guide resource allocation and inform shared decision-making.

Dr Ari Ercole is a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and he became an anaesthetist after completing a PhD in physics at the University of Cambridge. He divides his time between intensive care, anaesthesia and research. His particular focus on data-driven research: Developing novel analytical techniques including machine learning and feature discovery for intensive-, acute- and perioperative care.

The Topol programme for Digital Fellowships aims to support NHS organisations to invest in clinical staff to develop specialist digital skills and to learn about leading digital transformation, while giving clinicians enough time outside of clinical commitments to lead digital health improvements and innovations. 

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